Adding to a project

The currently available modules are:

Module Description
core The core of the language, this is the main interpreter
jackson The Jackson JSON bindings, the default JSON parser
circe Circe JSON bindings, the default JSON parser for scala projects
jsoup HTML cleaning function and XML bindings
utils Extra utilities, such as document classifiers

Modules that extend IDML to add extra functions are:

Module Description
jsoup adds XHML/HTML functions like stripTags and parseXml/parseHtml
jackson/circe add parseJson and other associated functions for working with JSON at runtime
hashing Adds all mainstream hash functions
geo Geo functions like ISO code lookups

Other modules you probably don’t need to depend on directly are:

Module Description
bench microbenchmarks for finding performance regressions
repl the REPL
tool the IDML tool
idmltutor the interactive tutor
test the test framework
idmldoc the documentation framework
idmltest-plugin the sbt plugin for idmltest
idmldoc-plugin the sbt plugin for idmldoc
lang the core parser
datanodes the core JSON AST
execnodes the evaluation AST


The artifacts are published to Maven so you can include it in your project with the following configuration:



The dependency can also be managed with SBT:

libraryDependencies += "io.idml" %% "idml-core" % ""