The hashing module includes common hashing algorithms which may be called on strings

This module is optional and must be included in the list of FunctionResolvers passed to the Ptolemy engine constructor.

Included hashing algorithms

Algorithm Function Call Output
xxHash32 input.xxHash32() 32-bit hex
xxHash64 input.xxHash64() 64-bit hex
cityHash input.cityHash() 64-bit hex
murmurHash3 input.murmurHash3() 64-bit hex
sha1 input.sha1() 20-bit hex
sha256 input.sha256() 256-bit hex
sha512 input.sha512() 512-bit hex
md5 input.md5() 128-bit hex
crc32 input.crc32() 32-bit hex

Note: you can use the functions available on strings in the Maths set of functions to parse these into integers if you really need to, they are parseHex and parseHexUnsigned, you probably want the latter.